google apps to integrate social studies

Use Google Apps to Integrate Social Studies

  • Are you looking for a way to integrate Social Science curriculum with technology?
  • Do your students need a fresh and unique project to inspire them and spark their interest?
  • Is your school using Google Apps?

TechnoTimeline can do the job! TechnoTimeline is the third project in the initial release of TechnoKids‘ series of technology projects using G Suite for Education, following the previous releases of TechnoQuestionnaire and TechnoMap. For schools using Microsoft Office, both TechnoTimeline and TechnoMap are available in PowerPoint versions.

Use Google Slides to Make a Graphic Organizer

In this project, students create a timeline that summarizes significant events. The graphic organizer will consist of information organized in chronological order. Each event will be analyzed to gain an understanding of its historical importance on people and future events.

To start, students study sample timelines for inspiration. Next, they research a topic and record findings using an organizer. Once the important moments have been pinpointed, Google Slides is used to create a graphic display. Upon completion, the sequence of events is shared with others.

Use Google Apps to make a timeline of significant events

Integrate Technology

How can teachers use TechnoTimeline in the social studies curriculum? The choices are many. Here are some ideas to tailor this project to fit curriculum requirements:

  • Biography Timeline: Select a significant historical figure such as a politician, explorer, scientist, or humanitarian. What decisions or accomplishments were influential? Form connections between people and events.
  • Historical Period Timeline: Select a historical period such as the age of imperialism, ancient civilizations, renaissance, or middle ages. What critical developments shaped the future?
  • Historical Event Timeline: Select a historical event such as a war, revolution, or expedition. What challenges were overcome to produce a particular result? Pinpoint important events.
  • Historical Topic Timeline: Select a topic such as flight, country, or scientific advances. What stands out as being important? Outline critical moments from the beginning to today to show changes over time.
  • Historical Moment Timeline: Select a significant moment or situation such as an invention, discovery, human rights issue, vote, or disaster. What led up to it? Analyze the cause and consequences of each event.
  • Plot Summary Timeline: Select a novel. What happened? Sequence the story events.
  • Autobiography Timeline: Tell about yourself. What makes you special? Share milestones or achievements in your life. Explain why each event is important to who you are today.
  • Family Timeline: Record special memories. When did family members marry, have a baby, move, go to college, or get a job? Describe how this influences you today.
Explain important events in an historical event.

Sample Files Included

Inspire your students with the sample timelines included in the project:

  1. Alexander Graham Bell – a biography timeline showing significant contributions to technology
  2. The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition – an historical event timeline showing the challenges overcome by Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew
  3. Milestones in Flight – an historical topic timeline listing important events in the era of manned flight
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