Elementary and middle school students design a graphic organizer in Google Slides or PowerPoint. The timeline uses text and images to explain significant events. Topics integrate technology with social studies, history, or geography.

image workshop for google slides

Image Workshop for Google Slides

Working with Google Slides and want to include a picture? You have choices!In this image workshop, there are several ways to insert images into a Google Slides presentation. You can: Start by logging in to Google Drive using Chrome. Open your Google Slides presentation.Click the Insert menu and choose Image or click Image. A. Search […]

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Research with Google Docs

Many projects require students to conduct research online. Google Docs has a research feature to help students to look for websites. The tool, which conveniently opens in a sidebar of the document, even allows the user to easily create a footnote citation in the body of the document to list the websites used. NOTE: These

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google apps to integrate social studies

Use Google Apps to Integrate Social Studies

Are you looking for a way to integrate Social Science curriculum with technology? Do your students need a fresh and unique project to inspire them and spark their interest? Is your school using Google Apps? TechnoTimeline can do the job! TechnoTimeline is the third project in the initial release of TechnoKids‘ series of technology projects

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