cite the source

A citation tells a person where to find information, images, or other sources used in your work. It often includes the author(creator), publication date, title, publisher/website host, and/or URL. Discover online citation makers and tips for referencing sources.

free citation generators

Top 5 Free Citation Generators

Students researching an inquiry question or gathering information for a report must learn to cite the source of their data. This is especially true when using online resources. Readers may want to look at the references to find more details. Teachers may want to check that students have paraphrased the material into their own words.

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google docs research tool

Insert Quotes using Google Docs Research Tool

Looking for a way to give your writing impact? Do you need to find evidence to support your viewpoint? Do you want to strengthen an argument? Google Docs has a Research tool that searches for quotes. It will display famous sayings made by presidents, celebrities, historical figures, or sports heroes. When a quote is inserted,

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