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Don’t Wait for the Latest Gadget to Integrate Technology

Do these excuses sound familiar?

  • I would like to integrate technology into my lessons but the computers I have are too slow. When I have a faster computer, then I will design technology-based lessons.
  • If my students had iPads then I could really integrate technology into learning. Until I get iPads, I just can’t integrate technology into lessons.
  • If the resources were online then I could provide a high-quality technology program. Since they are not, there is just nothing I can do.

I also think about how advancements in technology have the capacity to transform teacher practice and enrich student experiences. At the TechnoKids Head Office we often have discussions about what education will be like in a few years and how hardware and software will shape teaching and learning. However, we are fully aware of what is currently happening in schools right now. Money is tight! Schools need to be thoughtful about how they spend their IT budgets.

Stop Waiting!

Stop waiting for the latest technology. There is always going to be a better gadget, a faster processor, a smaller device, a better web-based solution, or a newer software version. Don’t make any more excuses.

Don’t Let Excuses Get in the Way!
Integrate Technology into Curriculum TODAY!

It is essential that you start to integrate technology into curriculum, right now! Look at your current network, hardware, and software. Ask yourself how it can be utilized to improve education TODAY. Be creative. If you are stuck for ideas, TechnoKids has technology projects with Microsoft Office lessons that can help.

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