adobe animate lessons for high school students

Animate 2022 for High School Students

Animate 2022 for high school students that have an interest in animation, can be a fun program to include in a media arts course. Although Animate 2022 is professional software it is still ideal for beginners. Animators use it to design content for games, TV shows, and the web. However, students can quickly learn how to use the same tools to illustrate and animate original cartoons, advertisements, and eLearning videos.

If you are looking for instructional materials for a media arts course, Animate 2022 is an ideal fit. Your students can learn about digital animation, storyboarding for animators, and produce media art projects. How can you start teaching using Animate 2022?

TechnoAnimate for High School Students

One way to introduce the drawing and animation tools is with the technology project, TechnoAnimate. This animation tutorial contains a teacher guide, student workbook, and resources. The teacher guide has seven units or sessions. Each session introduces a new illustration or animation technique. There are 34 assignments, 7 reviews, 6 skill reviews, and 7 extension activities. In fact, TechnoAnimate has everything a high school teacher needs to begin teaching using Animate 2022.

The TechnoAnimate resources simplify course design. Teachers receive customizable assessment tools to measure learning. These include checklists, marking sheets, rubrics, self-reflection, and quizzes.

As well, students gain access to helpful documents. The Animate Tool Summary provides at a glance an explanation of the Tools panel and Timeline. In addition, keyboard shortcuts provide a valuable time saving guide.

The great news is that TechnoAnimate also provides sample Animate movies. These are available in two formats. One is an .fla file that is to be used by teachers for demonstration purposes. The other is an mp3 format that provides students with videos that act as a source of inspiration.

In other words, TechnoAnimate is more than just a tutorial. It is a vast collection of age appropriate lessons that gradually build mastery. All lessons, are for high school students and beginners. Visual arts experience or artistic talent is not a requirement. Instead, all learners need is a touch of creativity and a desire to learn animation. That’s it! Then the fun begins!

Animation Learning Objectives

You might be wondering what skills your students will learn in TechnoAnimate. Here are the top 10 learning goals:

  1. illustrate using various drawing tools
  2. store files as a graphic or movie clip symbols
  3. apply frame by frame animation to recognize the importance of keyframes
  4. move, grow, shrink, or spin objects using a motion tween
  5. morph an object into another using a shape tween
  6. position joints and bones to create poses using the Asset Warp Tool and a classic tween
  7. draw a path for a character to follow using a motion guide and a classic tween
  8. sync sound with action
  9. publish a movie file or export as a video
  10. produce media projects including a space adventure cartoon

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