Students in Florida are “TechnoKids”

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum was approved by the Florida Department of Education in October 2003. Today, use of the instructional materials in public schools throughout the State continues to increase. A growing number of educators in the state of Florida are integrating technology into student learning. Using TechnoKids projects, teachers are incorporating word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia,

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TechnoKids Releases TechnoMummy

TechnoKids has released a new project called TechnoMummy. In this project, students become Egyptologists. They begin with a virtual trip to Egypt to view a newly discovered tomb containing an unknown mummy and many interesting treasures! Students learn about databases as they browse and search through a file of all the beautiful ancient artifacts. Then

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TechnoKids Releases TechnoLink

TechnoKids releases a new project called TechnoLink. In this project, students become web designers. They construct a web page that includes links to fun places for kids on the World Wide Web. Throughout the design process they pay particular attention to the ease of navigation, overall appearance, and quality of the content. This will ensure

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TechnoKids Curriculum Approved in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has approved the use of TechnoKids computer curriculum in government schools. For many years TechnoKids curriculum has been used in private schools throughout the country. Government approval of TechnoKids unique instructional materials, allows thousands more students to learn valuable information technology skills needed to compete in the international

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TechnoKids is Jammin’ and Jazzin’ with Technology!

EDUCATORS AT NECC SEE TECHNOKIDS COMPUTER CURRICULUM AS SOLUTION FOR TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION IN TODAY’S SCHOOLS Oakville, ON, July 5, 2004. TechnoKids is Jammin’ and Jazzin’ with Technology after an exciting debut appearance at the NECC! The National Educational Computing Conference organized by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) was held in New Orleans,

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Computer Technology Solutions becomes an Accredited Provider of CPE Classes

Texas Department of Education has approved Computer Technology Solutions (CTS) as an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Educational (CPE) classes. Using instructional materials published by TechnoKids Inc., the company will provide technology-related classes at their training facility located in the Woodlands, or directly on-site in a school’s computer lab. Teachers in Texas will now be

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Gauteng Online and TechnoKids

Students in the province of Gauteng in South Africa are becoming wired. Over 1000 schools are receiving computer labs with access to the Internet and e-mail. This commitment to learning is a joint venture between the private and public sector. Ignatius Jacobs, the Provincial Education Minister, at the launch of the rollout said the provincial

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