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Popular Spreadsheet Lesson Plans for Grades 3-5

TechnoKids has spreadsheet lesson plans for Grades 3-5. These are a welcome addition to school curriculum. Not only because they are project-based, but also because they include helpful resources for classroom, digital literacy, and STEM teachers.

The TechnoKids projects, apply a problem-solving model. By completing the assignments, students learn data analysis techniques. As well, they develop critical thinking skills. These help learners to make informed decisions.

As a bonus, the spreadsheet lessons come in multiple versions. Every TechnoKids project has instructions for both Google Sheets and Excel. To start teaching, just pick the version you want from the TechnoKids library. It is that simple!

Integrate Spreadsheets into Curriculum

How can you include the TechnoKids projects in your school program? This depends on where you teach. Every school administration has different requirements.

However for the most part, spreadsheet learning objectives can be found in one of two places. The first, is the Mathematics curriculum. The second is a Technology Standards document.

Mathematics and Spreadsheet Learning Objectives

In general, most Mathematics curriculum includes expectations that are achievable using spreadsheets. Within these documents, the learning objectives are often in the financial literacy or data literacy strands. These publications typically recommend the use of spreadsheets as a tool for learning. For this reason, TechnoKids projects can integrate into Math instruction.

Spreadsheets in Computer Science or Digital Literacy Classes

Of course, the TechnoKids spreadsheet lessons can also be part of a specialty class. For example, it might be a ICT, STEM or computer science course. Often, these learning objectives are in a Information and Technology Standards document.

If your school does not have technology standards you use the ISTE standards as a guide. Or, you can refer to the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) website. This organization provides a core set of computer science learning objectives.

In Grades 3-5 the CSTA Data & Analysis learning objectives that relate to spreadsheets are:

  • 1B-DA-06 – Organize and present collected data visually to highlight relationships and support a claim.
  • 1B-DA-07 – Use data to highlight or propose cause-and-effect relationships, predict outcomes, or communicate an idea.

Spreadsheet Lesson Plans for Grades 3-5

Undoubtedly, teaching spreadsheets to children should be fun. It is important that the lessons include a problem-solving scenario children can understand. This leads me to the two TechnoKids projects we recommend for Grades 3-5 students. These are TechnoCandy and TechnoSales.

Both curriculum units include spreadsheet lesson plans. As well, they contain valuable instructional materials. Each project comes with a teacher guide, student worksheets, templates, example files, and quizzes. In addition, if you want to teach Grades 6-8 you can! The extension activities are ideal for older students.


In TechnoCandy, the goal is to boost candy sales for a make-believe company. To start, students survey color preferences. Next, they investigate a the contents of a popular candy. To develop a solution, they compare the findings. Afterwards, they write a report explaining how to make the candy number one again.

Do students prefer blue, red, or green candies? What colors are inside the candy package? Find out! Then, develop a turnaround plan for a candy company.


In TechnoSales, students plan a bake sale. To begin, they survey dessert and flavor preferences. Next, they analyze past fundraiser data. This information helps to set a financial goal and pricing. Afterwards, students write a report. They explain how to make the event a success.

What desserts do students prefer? Are there differences between boys and girls? How many dessert items do you need? Find out! Then, make a plan for the bake sale.
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