Integrated technology unit to teach spreadsheet and word processing skills. Elementary students investigate an authentic problem, conduct a survey, and suggest a solution using Google Sheets or Excel.

spreadsheet lesson plans

Popular Spreadsheet Lesson Plans for Grades 3-5

TechnoKids has spreadsheet lesson plans for Grades 3-5. These are a welcome addition to school curriculum. Not only because they are project-based, but also because they include helpful resources for classroom, digital literacy, and STEM teachers. The TechnoKids projects, apply a problem-solving model. By completing the assignments, students learn data analysis techniques. As well, they …

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spreadsheets for beginners

Spreadsheets for Beginners

When kids enjoy math and are engaged, they learn skills more effectively. Finding a project where students are both having fun and building proficiency in mathematics is a bonus. The newest release by TechnoKids Inc., TechnoCandy, fits the bill perfectly! In this technology project, elementary and middle school students acquire math skills as they learn …

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