Microsoft Excel

Advice on using Microsoft Excel in the classroom. Includes tips for using Microsoft Excel to organize, graph, and calculate data. Analyze survey results, business operations data, personal finance budget, investment portfolio, and more.

launch a business venture

Launch a Business Venture with Your Students

Are you a teacher using Google Apps or Microsoft Office? Are you looking for an engaging and authentic computer project to inspire your students? Just this week, TechnoKids announced the most recent technology project designed for Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office: TechnoRestaurateur, a unique integrated project that uses Google Sheets, Google Docs, and

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spreadsheets for beginners

Spreadsheets for Beginners

When kids enjoy math and are engaged, they learn skills more effectively. Finding a project where students are both having fun and building proficiency in mathematics is a bonus. The newest release by TechnoKids Inc., TechnoCandy, fits the bill perfectly! In this technology project, elementary and middle school students acquire math skills as they learn

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digital storytelling

Digital Storytelling, Cartoon Style

Inspire students to use their imaginations for digital storytelling with a twist – write in the style of a cartoon. TechnoToon is an all new technology project in which students create a digital story as an animated comic strip. Students love the visual format of cartoons. The recent boom in graphic novels for children and

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