A debate is a structured argument between two sides about a controversial issue. It is an exchange of ideas. One side is for an issue and the other side is against the issue. The purpose of the discussion is to convince an audience to agree with a particular point of view.

digital debate

Digital Debate – A Unique Approach to Debating

There’s no debate here – teachers agree that debates are a great tool for engaging students, teaching critical thinking skills, developing persuasive writing techniques, and learning an appreciation for multiple viewpoints. Now there’s another bonus: debates can integrate technology. Debating a controversial issue has traditionally been an oral exercise. But there is a fun, unique […]

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google apps for education

New Product Release for Google Apps

Teachers using G Suite for Education will be excited to know that TechnoKids has just introduced another project in the series. Following TechnoQuestionnaire, TechnoTimeline, and TechnoMap, the fourth all-new project is TechnoDebate. This project is a unique approach to exploring a controversial issue. Student partners collaborate to work simultaneously on a digital document arguing two

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