Curriculum unit shows students how to collaborate to create an animated debate. Each student states their position on the chosen issue, presents facts, counters the opposition in a logical rebuttal, and summarizes their viewpoint. Text, clip art, and animations enhance the presentations.

digital debate

Digital Debate – A Unique Approach to Debating

There’s no debate here – teachers agree that debates are a great tool for engaging students, teaching critical thinking skills, developing persuasive writing techniques, and learning an appreciation for multiple viewpoints. Now there’s another bonus: debates can integrate technology. Debating a controversial issue has traditionally been an oral exercise. But there is a fun, unique […]

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google apps for education

New Product Release for Google Apps

Teachers using G Suite for Education will be excited to know that TechnoKids has just introduced another project in the series. Following TechnoQuestionnaire, TechnoTimeline, and TechnoMap, the fourth all-new project is TechnoDebate. This project is a unique approach to exploring a controversial issue. Student partners collaborate to work simultaneously on a digital document arguing two

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