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free citation generators

Top 5 Free Citation Generators

Students researching an inquiry question or gathering information for a report must learn to cite the source of their data. This is especially true when using online resources. Readers may want to look at the references to find more details. Teachers may want to check that students have paraphrased the material into their own words.

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Think Beyond the Price Tag

Our students are avid consumers. They shop at the mall and online, and they influence family purchases. Inspire them to think beyond the price tag. The following activity encourages reflection and discussion about the impact on people and the environment created by the things we buy. Build Consumer Awareness When you are shopping, it is

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free online keyboarding apps

Teach Keyboarding with Free Online Apps

Learning to keyboard is an essential skill, but it’s challenging to engage and maintain student interest in typing practice. Some schools purchase software to teach keyboarding skills, but there are many free options available. With a browser and an Internet connection, you can access an extensive variety of drills, games, and typing tests. You can

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