Word Processing

Teaching word processing to children and teens in Grades 1-12. Tips for publishing professional documents using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

write a biography

Top 3 Reasons to Read and Write a Biography

In TechnoBiography, the newest technology project introduced by TechnoKids Inc., students select a notable person and learn how to write a biography. They are guided through the research process, learn how to write a personal history using headings, create a graphic organizer highlighting contributions, and showcase online artifacts related to the person. But why is …

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google docs research tool

Insert Quotes using Google Docs Research Tool

Looking for a way to give your writing impact? Do you need to find evidence to support your viewpoint? Do you want to strengthen an argument? Google Docs has a Research tool that searches for quotes. It will display famous sayings made by presidents, celebrities, historical figures, or sports heroes. When a quote is inserted, …

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Teach the Writing Process with Technology

Is there a way to spark student interest in the writing process? Yes, there is! Use technology to engage primary students using the book templates in TechnoStories, a unique computer project that integrates language arts curriculum with technology. TechnoStories is designed especially for young children to develop beginning keyboarding and word processing skills. They learn …

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journal writing ideas

Journal Writing Ideas

Looking for unique journal writing ideas? Are your students stumped for daily journal entries? Need inspiration? Here are some suggestions to spark young students’ imaginations and develop essential writing skills. Ready? Set? Start Writing! Journal Writing Using Google Docs or Microsoft Office TechnoJournal is an all-new, just released journaling project to introduce young students to …

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word processing

Word Processing Skills in the Classroom

It is important to incorporate word processing skills in the classroom. A balanced technology program combines a range of computer skills such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, Internet, database, graphics, and desktop publishing. Of all these, word processing is probably the most extensive and essential for students to master. Word processing is the composition, editing, …

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